Lost Highway


The road twists and turns, pulling me to a means with no end

The lines blur my reality, as the back slappers drone on, in empty echo

The lips move in gibberish from hollow eyed strangers eager to draw in this scene

As bad wheels, turn in aggressive revolutions, trying to keep up

The bearings squeal, in dry grind

As the brakes overheat ….

unable to yield ….

I accelerate… to swerve the impending crash


The near miss leaving me

Exhilarated ….!


There is no sense in false security

Where lies, flow down a river whose banks are littered with empty …


shot glass wisdom…


Promising eternal loyalty with glassy eyed pleading

always the same……


hey…Is it my turn?”


This mirror isn’t for reflecting

for your reflection goes unrecognized

lines blur the reality

like zebra stripes in some psychotic circus

The greatest show on earth !


But it’s all a sell out!

So you move up


Street Corner barkers, all to happy to let you take a peak,

extol its virtues in symbiotic raving!

There is no frugality when you’re jonesing,

just the all consuming drive to get you more

Peeling back the green layers of your dark eroding soul,

where you gag down the lies through the devils glass!

your neural centers….

bristle in accelerated euphoria,

bordering grand mal seizure

the waft of ether intoxicating …..

the skank in the corner



You take in the accolades like a politician garnering votes

All…there for the crumbs

Fooled by an ecstasy as Instant as a cameras flash …..

But the lens is covered ….

The swirl of dreams no more than a bursting bubble


The tears shed for you are many as you worm your way down….so low

Denial … the alibi that fools, even you

You sing the suckers song…. “I’ll stop tomorrow “


There is no more outpouring of internalized tears like confession

where in that moment…..!

You remove the keys from the ignition and exit the fast lane,

turning your back from the heap on the side of the road of,


The Lost Highway




Copyright 2009 Todd C All Rights Reserved





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The Road

The Road
Out on the road is a life void of the laughter of contented children
and that feeling you get as you ……
watch them in peaceful slumber
…and kiss them goodnight

Out on the road is a cracked door leading to the bone chilling cold
of the bedroom of typhoid Mary
where to enter is to risk it all…
and even to leave physically unscathed..
you are haunted by the unyielding knocking from the bare knuckles on
the persistent hands of conscience

Out on the road is loneliness ..
The ghostly breathing walls of a hotel room which..
collects the secrets of many …
and then secretes them in nightly imagined banter
until your locked roomed door invites you out into the perilous night

Out on the road is the stuff of broken dreams…
not always your own
For the loneliness spreads like a slow moving cancer.
Like an operatic voice that shatters the glass
on the brittle reality

Out on the road is nightly debauchery
Leaning on friends filled with misery,
dragging you down into their reality
Loving the company…
Acting hard and tough and hiding the frailty

Out on the road are late nights and even longer days
long past 9 am til you come out of the haze

Working your fingers to the bone ..
but you send ONLY the money home

and you Roam..

and you Roam

and you Roam

Out on the road you get lost along the way
You stare back in silent disgust at the sullen bloodshot eyes ..
and into your all knowing reflection you try to lie
and sometimes all alone in your borrowed bed you even ……..
C alls you never made

R eality setting in

Y earning loved ones left behind

Out on the road you often Dance with the Devil
but she never lets you lead
she loves to watch you bleed
she merely plants a seed
leaves you wallowing in need

but you never find that Shiny fiddle made of Gold
and in the end the Devil gets your soul

Out on The Road……

Copyright 2010 Todd C All Rights Reserved
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The screw turns as I feel each piercing revolution…

Opportunities missed…

Decisions like (un)decision..Still deciding

Bald tires that spin on a dark paved road on the David Lynch…lost highway..

The burn’t remnants choke my lungs

…and cloud my eyes in stinging reload

Perpetual groundhog day …where the same mistakes are made..

Like a Max Headroom stut ta tut ter

and the circus never leaves town…

The finish line is in view

But I just rev….

.on the redline

Copyright 2010 Todd C All Rights Reserved

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I’m just going to sit here a minute and Ramble…

I’m just going to sit here a minute
and ramble…..
Maybe if I do , I can make sense of (non)sense
maybe I can let out all the fucked up shit that swirls around a brain that never stops thinking
and thinks about drinking….
no , not the social kind …..
No , i’m talking about the Drown my ass in Shots of Rumple Minze , with a side of unlimited Absolute
mixed with a 30 pack of Labatts Blue , fuck this crazy world ….DESERTION
Maybe I can forget about the total mess I’ve made of everything important
and the wasted emphasis I’ve put on all that Wasn’t….
It wasn’t supposed to be this way …
But , what did I expect…
Chasing rainbows that only got further away …
like a choking thirst in a desert mirage …
A glistening , trippy stream that enticed me further until there was no turning back
and what did I find there …?
not an Oasis…Not a double humped camel to take me home
no…What I found was Searing , Blistering heat that chars the Skin and fools the mind
into believing that the glass of sand I’m about to choke down is really.. refreshing Liquid Peace
No..What It gave me was internal warfare…
A rumble of epic proportions where the Body and Mind battled it out with slicing blades of truth mixed with CLUBS of fantasy as the Soul looked on …waiting for the aftermath
And like any epic war..
The Aftermath came…
Values, empathy, morality , love, Conscience …strewn about like severed body parts
A jigsaw puzzle dropped off the table , that you piece back together…
Even though you know they might not all be there
I’m just going to sit here a minute
and ramble….

Copyright 2010 Todd C All Rights Reserved
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